We had an email from Chris Bellis having to do with Shawn Bellis scoring records.
That email led to some reminiscing about the glory days of Butler basketball.

In Shawn Bellis’ senior season(1993-94), he scored 614 points in 21 games, an average of 29.2 per game. Notice we only played 21 games that year. When I questioned Chris about the number of games, I received the following response(with editorial changes).

That’s right John, 1994 was the year that Seneca beat Butler on its last regular season game. It was the only year from 1988 to 2000 that Butler did not make the playoffs.

A lot of people forget: that team started the season out 8-1. Then lost to North Allegheny (coached by Jula). Jula basically intimidated the Butler team. In indsight it was a huge turning point in the season. Some people quit the team shortly after that, & they only went 7-6 in their final 13 games. The game that stands out the most though, was the Seneca game. The coach was suspended, the players overlooked Seneca & just assumed they would win (including Shawn who played pretty bad), and we allowed Seneca to cut the nets down in the Butler High Gymnasium… a sad night in Butler High Basketball all around. That season had some memorable games in it though. If I remember correctly, they battled with a Shaler team who had 3 Division 1 players on it, and took them to the wire, but lost 81-77 or something like that. Danny Fortson had 40 & Shawn had 39.

Its fun to reminisce about the glory days of Butler Basketball. I hope Matt is able to bring it back.

Good luck this season and Thank You.

Chris Bellis


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